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North Country Theatre - 4 November 2016
The Wish House

The Wish House was written by the author Rudyard Kipling. Nobby Dimon gave it the North Country Theatre makeover to bring it to a small stage. An imaginative use of a traditional pulley clothes-airer allowed changes in scenery to be made simply and effectively.

The play could have had one of two endings and the viewer was left to ponder which way the main character would go: save herself or save the man she loved.


Rural Arts - Saturday 29th April 2017
Made in India

If you did not get a chance to see this play, then look around for a venue and go. The three actors quickly drew the audience into the story and got you thinking about poverty and desparation. Through various twists all three characters experienced both during the hour and a half. There was a liberal dose of humour and ethics which provided a memorable evening.