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2014 - 2018


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Those who gave their lives from Yarm ______________________________________

Name Rank and Regiment
ADAMSON, Percy William Pte 2394 1/4th E Yorks
ALLSOPP, William Pte 1975 1/4th Yorks
ARCHER, Ronald Hedley 2/Lt 1st N Fus
ATKINSON, Harold Bert Pte 15147 6th East Yorks
AYTON, Benjamin Pte 5/2948 1/5th DLI
BAILEY, Arthur Aircraftman 1st Class F/31363 25 Royal Naval Air Service
BARNSLEY, Alan Arthur Capt 4th Lancs Fus attd 1st N Fus
BELL, Bert Pte 38634 1st E Yorks
CAMPBELL, George William Dvr 120719 65th Small Arms Ammo Col, RFA
CARTMELL, Percy William Cpl 201686 8th Yorks
CARTMELL, Robert Hesketh Pte 28108 6th Yorks
CORDINGLEY, Ernest Pte 4th Yorks
DANBY, Alfred L/Cpl 35408 14th (Pioneers) N Fus
DANIEL, William Pte 6358 2nd Yorks
DAWSON, Joseph 147799 “B” Bty 99th RFA
DAWSON, Mark Pte 119548 Details, RAMC (Egypt Exped Force)
DONNELLY, Robert Pte 16065 10th W Yorks attd (as 53149) 50th Bde (17th Div) HQ
DOUGHTY, John Lancelot Pte 5870 1/4th W Riding
DOUGHTY, Robert Thomas Pte 200381 9th Yorks
EASBY, John William Cpl 24379 7th Yorks
ELCOATE, Thomas Johnson L/Cpl 27954 2nd Yorks
ELLIFF, Edward L/Cpl 8593 1st Loyal N Lancs
FAWCETT, John 2/Lt 2nd Yorks
FERGUSON, Frank Pte 16942 29th Coy Labour Corps and formerly Pte 48036 4th Yorks
GOLDIE, Benjamin James Pte 26005 5th Yorks
HANSOM, Eli Oliver Victor Pte 204098 1/5th Yorks
HARWOOD, Oliver William Pte 22505 13th Yorks
HOLT, Robert Bertram Rfm C/12075 21st KRRC
HYLAND, Thomas Pte M2/119185 884th Mech Transport Coy, RASC attd XIXth Corps Heavy Arty
JOHNSON, Frank Pte 65175 1st N. Fus
JOHNSON, Robert Pte 4/200241 1/4th Yorks
KEIGHLEY, John Joseph Pte Labour Corps
KENDREW, Arthur Pte 41472 7th Leics
MARSTON, Herbert Hildred L/Cpl 1362 1/4th Yorks
NESS, William Pte 28279 7th E Yorks and formerly 5721 Yorks Regt
OVERFIELD, Daniel Pte 15th DLI. KIA 1 Jul 1916
PAGE, John Percival Pte 200446 1/4th Yorks
PEACOCK, John Charles Millard 2/Lt 1/5th DLI
PEACOCK, Robert Abbott Pte 38879 2nd KOYLI
PINNEGAR, Harry Cpl 13652 14th DLI
PRESTON, Joseph Pte 200380 1/5th DLI
REED, John Robert L/Cpl 91194 2nd DLI
ROBINSON, John Robert Pte 1740 1/4th Yorks
ROSE, James William L/Cpl PS/9155 12th R Fus
SCOTT, Charles Pte 8252 13th Yorks
SHAUGHNESSY, James Pte 124051 Labour Corps and formerly Pte 3/19791 3rd KOR Lancs
SMITH, Edward Pte 998 54th Aus Inf
SMITH, Thomas Pte 11197 2nd W Riding
SPRINGTHORPE, Herbert L/Cpl 6414 2nd Lincs
SUGGETT, Anthony Pte 8943 1st Yorks
TAYLOR, Charles Edwin Pte 19770 6th E Yorks
TOPHAM, Charles Henry 2/Lt 115th Heavy Battery RGA
WALDY, Cuthbert Temple 2/Lt 2nd So Lancs
WALKER, Edward William Pte 58418 2/4th Yorks & Lancs and formerly 3395 of 4th Yorks
WALKER, Harold Pte 3057 1/5th DLI
WALLINGER, Richard George Cpl 4th Yorks
WARD, Edwin Pte 27953 7th Yorks
WARD, John Thomas Pte (late) 49515 Labour Corps and formerly 200383 5th DLI
WASTELL, Albert Pte 1500 1/4th Yorks
WATSON, James William Pte 24871 9th Yorks
WATSON, John Gnr 20106 46th Bde RFA
WATSON, John Charles Pte 1328 1/4th Yorks
WEBSTER, Albert Pte 30685 1st E Yorks
WELFORD, Matthias Lyth Pte 73294 2nd DLI
WILFORD, Robert 2/Lt 1/5th Yorks attd 13th Bn
WILKINSON, George Thomas Pte 2nd Yorks
WILSON, Ambrose Pte 1329 1/4th Yorks
WILSON, William Henry Cpl 343793 Labour Corps, formerly 194 DLI

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