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2014 - 2018


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1916 Timeline ______________________________________

Date Event
February 21st Start of the Battle of Verdun; Germany bombarded French positions for 9 hours and then occupied the first line of French trenches.
May 25th Universal conscription introduced to Great Britain.
May 31st Battle of Jutland
June 24th The Allies opened up an artillery barrage along a 25-mile front against German trenches on the Somme
November 18th Battle of the Somme ended
December 5th David Lloyd George became British Prime Minister. The new War Cabinet organised Great Britain for ‘total war’

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List of those who died in 1916

Date Name
17th April Ambrose Wilson
1st July Daniel Overfield
21st July Edward Smith
13th August John Lancelot Doughty
12th September Charles Edwin Taylor
16th September Benjamin Ayton
17th September Robert Bertram Holt
3rd October Harry Pinnegar
21st October Charles Henry Topham
5th November Edwin Ward