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1915 Timeline ______________________________________

Date Event
February 4th Germany declared the waters around Great Britain to be a ‘war zone’
March 10th The British Army launched an offensive at Neuve Chapelle
April 25th Allied troops landed at five beaches at Gallipoli and gained a small beachhead at Anzac Cove
May 7th The ‘Lusitania’ was sunk by a German U-boat; 1,201 lives were lost including 128 Americans
August 3rd Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. Germany had to implement the Schlieffen Plan.
December 19th The Allies started the evacuation of Gallipoli. Douglas Haig replaced Sir John French as commander of the BEF

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List of those who died in 1915

Date Name
23rd April John Robert Robinson
24th April Harold Walker
5th May Thomas Smith
9th May Percy William Adamson
12th May Herbert Springthorpe
24th May Richard George Wallinger
15th July Albert Wastell
9th August Harold Bert Atkinson
21st August William Allsopp
1st September John Charles Watson
5th September Herbert Hildred Marston
27th September William Daniel